PrestaShop Addons - Powerful and custom short URL link generator for SEO Module



You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share using the URL shortener.
A URL shortener built with powerful tools to help your customers easily remember you and analyze user behaviors to improve order conversion rates.

What this module does for you

person_add Optimize natural search (SEO) on all search engines
  • During the event promotion, you need to customize the short URL, we can easily implement it.
  • We have built-in accurate user analysis for user access behavior of short URLs, which provides a favorable guidance basis for order conversion.
  • You can jump to any place you want to jump, and customize the HTTP status code
  • User behavior log analysis provides accurate search, analysis, filtering, screening, and statistics functions to facilitate the guidance of order conversion rates.

What your customers will like

Short URLs are more conducive to customer memory, customers can easily find us, these can be used in events, promotions and other pages that want customers to quickly enter.


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